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Take on the role of Jay during a potentially not-so-average day as Jay has become the host of six pure emotions. These emotions, competing against each other for the control of Jay, are yours to choose between in conversations with four characters. The choices you make lead to one of almost 50 unique endings.


Walk around Jay's house and find the emotions trying to take control of Jay that day. As you discover the emotions, you also learn more about Jay's personal life. The emotions you find decide which emotions you can use in conversations, so it is up to you if you want to play the game with all of them or just a few.


Choose between being neutral, happy, sad, angry, frightened or flirty and watch the characters react to your choice. 


There are four characters that you get to interact with. Meet Terry, the friendly bus driver, and Alice, the determined high school friend. At Jay's workplace, interact with Susie, the strict cafe owner, and Patrick, the moody customer. See the different sides of them as you show them different emotions. Get to know more about their personal stories by reaching new endings. With almost 50 endings, there are many ways to end the day, get to know the characters and see them get to know each other as well.


Walk around in the stylized 2D-world as you search for emotions and make your way to work.


With almost 50 unique endings, there are many ways to play the game. Experiment with different emotions when interacting with different characters and see which ending you get. Maybe you will be happy in interactions with every character, or maybe you only want to be happy with your favorite one?


With the average time to reach an ending being 5 to 10 minutes, reaching several endings within a short time span is fully possible.

Welcome to a world of emotions in Emotions: A Day In A Life!

Install instructions

The game comes as an .exe file, which means that you just have to download it to your computer and open the .exe file to start the game. There is no save feature, which means no external files of any sort will be created once the game is started.

For an optimal gameplay experience, play with a screen resolution of 1920x1080. Smaller resolutions do not guarantee a good result.

Information about the controls are available in the "How to play"-section of the in-game menus.


Emotions A Day In A Life.exe 26 MB


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Ok, I laughed during the whole game. xD Very well done! Also, Jay is cute af. 

Thank you so much! We're really glad you enjoyed it!

And yes, Jay is a bit of a cutie ;)